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Professional training is the specific training path that is undertaken to acquire new knowledge and skills useful for entering or re-entering the world of work.

On the one hand, it meets the training needs expressed by companies, on the other hand, the young people ‘needs to acquire skills and of workers to keep up to date with the constant changes in the market. 

Our training courses

Novability offers training opportunities aimed at young people and the recognition of professional or specialization qualifications for workers who intend to deepen their skills, improve their professionalism or who need a professional certified training.

Safety in the workplace

The Consolidated Law on Safety at Work, Legislative Decree 81/08, regulates safety training and provides that the workers’ representatives, employers, and the workers themselves receive initial training and subsequent updates regarding safety in the workplace and the risks that can be incurred while working. To concur on the various requirements, an inspection is required at the reference company for the free drafting of a quote relating to the services requested and the possible planning of training interventions according to a calendar shared with the company.

The release of the occupational safety certificate is expected, which certifies in all respects the acquisition of the necessary skills in the field.

HACCP certification for employees and / or managers

The HACCP course for Food Workers and those responsible for self-control in food activities. It lasts 4 hours for Employees and 8 hours for Managers and a variable updating period for each Region.

PRM operator

Our PRM trainers, experts in training techniques and certified by internationally recognized bodies, provide training courses in line with the reference standards, current legislation, in compliance with the recommendations and reference documents (ICAO, ECAC, EU, US, IATA). The courses, as required by Regulation 1107/2006, are designed based on the specific level of interaction of the customer’s activities with users with reduced mobility.

Also, we carry out expertise activities for airports, providers, and international organizations. By designation of the National Civil Aviation Authority, we are permanent members of the PRM Committee of Experts established in Paris at the European Civil Aviation Conference.

Driving license for Special Vehicles.

Driving training of special vehicles used in the airside for the disembarkation / embarkation of passengers with reduced mobility, cd. “Ambulift” issued by internal trainers.

Ramp Safety

Thanks to our collaborating teachers’ team, we also can provide trainings on Airport Security for all categories provided for by the current legislation and we can offer to our customers, customized training solutions on Airside safety, Weight and balance and Ramp activities.

First Aid Company

For employees designated for first aid, in line with the INAIL accident index, training courses are provided to provide the basic skills necessary to assume the role of First Aid Officer in the company and it aims to: 

– knowing how to alert the rescue system 

– knowing how to recognize a health emergency.

– knowing how to implement necessary first aid interventions.

– acquiring general knowledge of trauma in the workplace.

– acquiring general knowledge of specific pathologies in the workplace.

– acquire practical intervention skills.

Elevating Work Platform Operators and forklift trucks

The training course is aimed at operators in charge of operating mobile elevating work platforms with and without stabilizers (i.e. any vehicle on wheels except for those travelling on rails, designed to transport, pull, push, lift, stack or place on shelves of any type. load and operated by an operator on board with seat), complies with the contents of the State Regions Agreement of 22/02/2012 and allows, after passing the required checks, to obtain the certificate of qualification to use them.


Fire Training

Decree 81/08 disciplined by D.M. March. 10, 1998, we provide courses for all levels of risk, initial and recurrent, including accompaniment in the assessment process for the release of the certificate of technical suitability for firefighting and emergency management by the Fire Brigade. The training course is intended for workers in charge of implementing fire prevention, firefighting and emergency management measures. The course aims to provide to the participants the technical, organizational, and practical knowledge and skills for a correct management of the risks associated with activities subject to fire prevention. The achievement of the certificate gives the right to be part of the company firefighting teams. For airport customers, the training is integrated in compliance with the D.M. June 30, 2011 (Provisions to be observed when refueling aircraft).

Human Factor

The study of the impact of the human factor on business processes is now essential to positively influence the performance of product quality, economic result, and worker welfare.

Thanks to the synthesis of our experiences as trainers and entrepreneurs, we have developed various contents – staff dynamics, needs and expectations analysis, stress management – which can be modulated to create training courses tailored to the client’s needs.

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