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Financed training for companies with interprofessional funds

Novability offers advice and assistance to companies in the use and management of Interprofessional Funds to provide continuous and cost-free corporate training for client companies.

The Interprofessional Funds are projects of an associative nature whose task is to promote and support the continuous training of employees of organizations and companies.

Novability offers to the companies the opportunity to take advantage of training courses financed by Interprofessional Funds, coordinating the entire bureaucratic and operational process, from the analysis of the company training needs, to the monitoring of opportunities, to the development of the training project, up to the management and reporting of the activities carried out.

Based on an analysis of the training needs of small, medium, and large companies, we calibrate specific training courses dedicated to the development of the technical skills, necessary to operate in the reference work area, and of the transversal skills fundamental for the individual and relational growth of the person.

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